How You Can Help

Please donate cash onsite! We have a safe and they will give you a receipt at the front desk. You can also send donations by check. Donate online - there's a donate on the right hand side of the page. 

These donations cover our operating expenses - toilets, garbage, water, power, laundry, propane, repairs and maintenance.

We are seeking volunteers to work side by side with community members on security/front desk. We ask that you commit to a weekly shift for 3 months or more if you want to help in this way. This is one of the most important volunteer tasks we have, but it does take training. We won't ever have you working alone, and your first 2-3 shifts will be with 2 community members.
Special needs for Covid19 Response:
-Spray bottles
-Sleeping Bags 

Donations we always welcome:

*Prepared food
*Sleeping Bags



  1. In case you are looking for new inexpensive strong simple shelters ...

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  4. Do you have a mailing list? I'd like to be added, please!

  5. Can I donate by writing a check? That would avoid PayPal's transaction fee. I can drop it off when I get paid by my client, somewhere around the beginning of January.

  6. What are the requirements to stay.?

  7. Hi I'm president of Mad Housers, an Atlanta charity that builds homeless shelters and gives them away for free. I'd like to speak with someone in your organization about possible collaboration.

  8. Hello!

    My name is Brandon Rivera. I am a recent graduate of the University of Portland, and I am a part of an initiative on campus to get students more informed and involved with Portland's houseless crisis. I have been granted the opportunity by the business school to connect all upcoming business students with organizations for a day of service on Saturday, October 6th.

    I have heard a lot about the good work that R2D2 is doing, and I would love to learn how we can help in a day of service.


    Brandon Rivera
    University FOR Portland

  9. Hi there! I helped out with building tiny house pods last summer. The build lead was a burner, an Aries, and had some interesting ideas. I am trying to reconnect with him to ask him some questions about DIY building, natural building, and other related topics. Anybody have his contact info? I can't quite recall his name....thanks! Also, it's winter! What supplies do yall need there? I have this idea of building a rocket stove out of a metal barrel....

  10. I am homeless. Should I just show up?