Tuesday, May 9, 2017

April 6th, 2017 - Press Release

Right 2 Dream Too Eviction Canceled; Agreement Reached with Landowners and City 
For more than 5 years, Right 2 Dream Too has served the greater Portland community, not for monetary gain, but because sleep is a human need. We will continue to do what we do as long as there is a need.

R2DToo has been a good neighbor to the community and has appreciated the broad support we have been given by local businesses and the neighborhood organization.  Once we learned that the Portland Development Commission (PDC) acquired an option to buy the lot that we have been using (courtesy the landowners, the Wright-Cossette partners) for more than 5 years, we have been trying to find a new home.  Three times we found a reasonable relocation site and three times we were turned away by individuals, businesses and organizations who, out of ignorance and fear, refused to accept our presence, even as we committed to continuing to be good and safe neighbors. 

Now, again, the City of Portland has answered our immediate needs by finding the Thunderbird site near the MODA Center.  We intend to continue to serve the people whose needs for sleep are being met by our peer run rest area.

Thanks to the landowners, the Wright-Cossette partners, for their extraordinary patience while we sought a new site.

Our new home, will not be close enough for people to walk around the corner or down the block for breakfast as they can now, but will be a short Max ride away. R2DToo has a grant through Ride Connection which will help many of those who use our facilities to travel to social service providers.

R2DToo gives thanks  to the generous support of the Wright-Cossette partners who allowed us to stay on their property for this many years.  We also applaud the many business owners and neighbors in Old Town China Town who, over time, came to recognize us as good and responsible neighbors.  Our supporters know that R2DToo has strengthened our community by providing restrooms (to housed and houseless individuals alike) and a place out of the doorways for houseless folks to sleep.

In the coming months, Right 2 Dream Too welcomes community support, both financial and in-kind,  as we prepare for our move. We will recreate a safe, secure, humane and functional space where people have the right to rest, to sleep, to dream.


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