Monday, November 30, 2015

Now He Knows

      I Ibrahim, have been wondering do the big time Politician's  know about the injustice that goes on in the Houseless Communities. I know the Local politicians do, like the city Officials, the head of the Police, Mayor, the Developers, Business Improvement Districts, and the Neighborhood Associations. All are part of the small governments in cities. They impose unjust Laws on the poor, the criminalize the poor for exercising human rights. They even create monetary profits that the Poor do not benefit from. Look at all the Businesses and people that make money of off the Houseless. Hotels, Convenience stores, police officers, pharmaceutical companies, social services agencies, etc.etc. etc.
      Last Month Ex-Governor Kitzhaber came to visit us at Right 2 Dream too/ Right 2 Survive. We talked about the crisis that effecting the people of this country 'cause of No affordable housing, not enough Jobs and jobs that do not pay a wage so people might afford housing. The pay wage should be $15.00 or More. We went out to eat after his visit at the Rest Area of R2dtoo. What I learned is that he was a health specialist. Well Kiss my Ankle! When you talk with people you find out what they are like, what they know and don't know, or what they think that they may know. He has a heart but that heart wasn't informed of the Health crisis's that Houseless people go through. Ex-Governor Kitzhaber didn't know about recuperating centers for the houseless. He seem surprised that the Hospital would service people and then put them right back on the streets. He asked me;" How can they heal?" Well, Well,  Well, Now He Knows. They don't!!!! So to my surprise he was stuck for words. As we finish our meal he took my business card, and you know like everything else I'll call you don't call me syndrome. Well to my surprise he contacted me and wants to continue or conversation about Recuperating Centers. . The ball is in his court again ,what will he do with it Pass or Shoot? Now,That He Knows.



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  5. I love your approach-when people connect with people the whole thing changes--we have a respite center in Santa Clara County for homeless people leaving hospitals-been successful for a long time-happy to connect you.

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