Monday, September 7, 2015


       At the time I was asked if I wanted to go meet Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, I was reluctant to go. What in the name of common sense would we talk about. Cigars? Chicago? Weapons of Mass Destruction? What. Oh! I know, Poverty that's plaguing this Rich Country.

      When I first arrived at the secret place where she (Hillary) would be I was asked what I was doing and that help is in the back. I held my composure due that I knew that the organizer of this event was stupid. In that time the Host walked up to me and gave me a hug and mention that she was happy that I could make. So I turned  stuck my tongue out at the organizer. Ha that felt good. I was searched , my bag was searched and the magic wand was waved over me to check for anything metal, Of course.

  As I enter to greeting / meeting area, I saw a host of plastic white stale faces, taking me back in years to when my father was running for Mayor in a Suburb of Chicago Ill. I remember all the corny Jokes, all the Political Jargon etc. So from past experience I Ibrahim a former Chicago Gang Banger, Ex Drug Dealer/User, College Graduate, Aerospace Technician, Houseless Person and Advocate, but most an African American Muslim, Joined the Party. I combined my knowledge, of Academic and Street awareness to mingle. I past out information and DVD's about Right 2 Dream too, a Rest Area for Houseless People in Portland Oregon. I talk with the Richie Rich of this state. I'm with the who's who and it all reminded of what I experience from my pas.t Nothing changed, the Jokes, the lobbying, the lying, except there I was talking about what they didn't want to hear. What are you doing to help people that are experiencing Houselessness? What are you doing to stop poverty in this Country. here  read /or look at this. this is what the 99% of the city is doing. Have I got any response yet? Nope!!

  Then the time came to meet Hillary I was told that I couldn't give her anything. I had to put her name on it and leave the package on the table(did she get it? your guess is well as mine). So I grab her hand shook it, while talking to her about Houselessness. I had 30 seconds to do this. She agreed to add the topic to her platform and that we all should be looking for solutions. She was elegant, what Politicians is not. Oh that's right we have the" Donald". then in the middle of our conversation I was told my 30 second was over so I turned around an took the foto and then to her surprised I grabbed her hand again for and slight 10 second for my Friend Lee Larson who was not able to make it and All the Houseless people that was out side suffering. As a reminder to her you have been put on Notice." YOU SHOULD EXPECT US"!!!!!


  1. To the author: This article is difficult to decipher and follow due to grammatical errors. Perhaps your message would be stronger if you had proofread it before you posted it.

  2. It was easy for me to read even on my small phone screen. I found it a descriptive narrative of his experience.