Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Truth About the Sweeps 

by Zach 
      Recently there have been many sweeps in and around the Hawthorne Bridge area. Many people have reported that private security companies have engaged in these sweeps. Companies like Clean & Safe  and Pacific Patrol Services have been spotted at many of these sweeps. 

      Storing the belongings taken from the sweeps, and having private security companies do this, is against Oregon law. Specifically, ORS 203.079 Section 1) Part d) says "All unclaimed personal property shall be given to law enforcement officials whether 24-hour notice is required or not." "Law enforcement officials" as defined by this code would be referring to the local police— in our case Portland Police Bureau.           
      Therefore, if any private companies or "Rent-a-Cops" are storing any of your property after a sweep, they are violating state law. These hired security forces are not "law enforcement" and do not have the authority as outlined in ORS 203.079. 

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