Sunday, July 21, 2013

Right 2 Dream Too vs.The City of Portland

Photograph by Quauhtli Productions

From Street Roots:

"It could have been a make or break morning for Right 2 Dream Too, but it looks like it will be several weeks before a judge decides the fate of the controversial homeless way station.

This morning, after listening to two hours of legal arguments from the city and Right 2 Dream Too, Judge Karin J. Immergut elected to take the matter under advisement. She said she would return with a decision in two to three weeks.

The city says the operation, where an average of 60 homeless people sleep each night, is an unpermitted recreational campground, and in violation of city code. Right 2 Dream Too maintains that their camp is an emergency rest area, where people experiencing homelessness can find shelter and access other services."  To finish reading, click here.

Photograph courtesy of Quauhtli Productions    

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