Tuesday, July 9, 2013

R2DToo vs. the City of Portland

Update!! "Due to significant public interest, the Judge has moved the hearing to a larger courtroom, #544 .. please come!"

 R2DToo vs. the City of Portland
Rally and Court Date
Thursday July 11
8:15am Rally
9:00am Court
Multnomah County Courthouse
1021 SW Fourth Avenue Portland, OR 97204-1123
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/172931609545656/

Join Right 2 Dream Too and Right 2 Survive at the hearing regarding our lawsuit against the City of Portland, Thursday July 11. Join our rally outside at 8:15am and then support us in the courtroom starting at 9:00am.

On December 10, 2012 lawyers representing R2DToo and the landowners at 4th and Burnside filed suit against the City of Portland. The court hearing is scheduled for July 11.

What is the lawsuit about?
1. We are being fined for violating State of Oregon Recreational Camping ordinance. We are not a recreational campground.

We want the judge to declare that the campsite is not a recreational campground. The site should be designated as transitional housing accommodation under Oregon law, which allows for two such sites within a city

2. We want the city to waive all fines.
3. We need a mediation with City officials to come up with a solution.

What is the history of R2DToo?
Right 2 Dream Too has maintained a self-sustaining rest area for people who are houseless at NW 4th and Burnside since October 2011. Even though the site provides emergency shelter to dozens of people every night at no cost to the City of Portland, the City's Bureau of Development Services continues to fine the landowners for code violations related to recreational camping ordinance. Fines now total over $20,000.

Stop the fines! R2DToo is not a "recreational campground".

What: Rally and hearing about R2DToo and R2S lawsuit against the City of Portland.

When: Thursday July 11... rally outside at 8:15am and then in the courtroom starting at 9:00am.

Where: Multnomah County Courthouse

Right to Dream Too:

Since its inception in October of 2011, Right To Dream Too’s (R2DToo) primary mission has been:

1. “…provide emergency shelter facilities for otherwise homeless individuals, using temporary and/or mobile structures to provide the conditions and environment for safe, uninterrupted sleep for up to twelve hours.” and;

2. “…to create a safe, clean, self-governed community environment for economically distressed residents of the State of Oregon, through establishment of an open-air place where people living on the streets can have their basic needs met in a stable, sanitary environment, until they are able to access another form of housing more in keeping with said resident’s personal goals and aspirations.”

In order to attain these goals, R2DToo has created a model of self governance and accountability that has provided much more than a traditional shelter normally does. This model incorporates some of the following guidelines:

1. People [Dreamers] can stay for one night or as long as it takes to find housing.
2. Dreamers agree to honor the rest area as a drug and alcohol free zone.
3. Among other rules of the rest area, Dreamers are asked to:
a. Keep each other safe.
b. Maintain cleanliness in the rest area including regular cleaning of bedding.
c. Redistribute extra food and clothing.
d. Support each other in navigating the social service maze.
e. See to the safety and security of the rest area’s perimeter.
f. Become active in advocating for their own rights and the rights of other underserved or exploited members of the community.

There are volunteers who assist R2DToo in providing peer-based support services with regard to housing, education and work, and to enter into collaborative partnerships with certain private, religious, and professional agencies or groups in the furtherance of these ends. However, these efforts are not charity, but instead are support for Dreamers in attaining a healthy self confidence that will provide the tools for independence that will lead to a transition to regular housing, jobs and other goals for their personal success. The following statistics confirm that
this model works:

Total number served since October 2011- 25,000
Number of people that found housing- 49
Number of people who found jobs- 55
Number of people who have maintained housing- 48
Number of people who have maintained jobs- 53
Number of people going to school- 5
Number of incidents requiring police intervention- 0

It is important to recognize that these successes have been accomplished on a shoestring budget that is based on mostly small donations and grants. Even with city and privately funded shelters and other homeless services, every night there is an average of almost 1900 individuals in Portland without a safe and relatively comfortable place to sleep. The city has made it clear that it does not have the funding to deal with what has become an epidemic problem. Until there are sufficient resources available to eliminate houselessness, the R2DToo model is an
essential part of the responses to homelessness in Portland.

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